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July 29th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Nine Noble Virtues

Dion talks about the Nine Noble Virtues and the Six Fold Goals. We must become an example for those around us if our people are to survive and thrive.


July 28th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Hang the Traitors

Dion goes into the multiple Muslim attacks in Germany within the past week. Plus the murder of a preist in France. The response by both the media and the political elites, and the outrageous lies and cover up.


July 24th, 2016    

The Wolf Pack 7/23/16

Tonight Dion talks about the more interesting points of the RNC this past week. The value of Trump to a wider consciousness for our people, the lack of real protests, Alex Jones being attacked twice, Rep. Steve King's expressing his love of the white race and not apologizing for it. The rising militancy of BLM, a transmission from GoyHammer, and the anti-White, Anti-American $hillary VP pick Tim Kaine.


July 20th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Race War

Dion talks about the true intentions of BLM, some insight into the Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long, multiple attacks in Europe, and is Germany doomed?


July 19th, 2016    

The Wolf Pack 7/16/16

On the Wolf Pack first we hear from the Goyhammer, then Dion rants on a wide array of topics. Including the Nice attack, truthers, BLM, Germany hate-speech raids, and more.


July 15th, 2016    

The Axeman’s Edge - Death

Axe comes at you with another excellent show. First Axe talks about the Neanderthals found in Shanidar Cave in Iraq, and then the art and defeat of Spanish bull fighters.


July 13th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Day of Rage

On this episode Dion talks about the Day of Rage on this Friday which is part of the Summer of Chaos. Thoughts on the Dallas shooting, BLM's anti-White agenda, the race war against Whites, and more.


July 8th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Harry Potter X

Dion talks about Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer being mentioned during the congressional hearing on $hillary's email investigation. Rep. Trey Gowdy actually breaks down the lies and the concept of "intent". Dion's response to the Imperium movie trailer. The recent shootings of poor dindus, and cop on White shootings.

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July 7th, 2016    

The Axeman’s Edge - Back with a Bang!

The Axe is Back! The Axeman starts out talking about the death toll in Chicago so far this year. He then goes down a top 10 list on how to be a Dindu, and a black crime report of Waffle House.


July 6th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: $hillary Goes Free

On this edition of Radio Wehrwolf Dion breaks down the recent events that lead up to The Sea Hag given a get out of jail free card. On the exact same day a US Circuit Court Judge rules federal employ private email accounts are not exempt from FOIA. Bill Clinton's pardon of a CIA director. And Swedes are beginning to awaken to the rapeugee plague.


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