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May 27th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Dion’s Birthday Party

On tonight's Radio Wehrwolf is Dion's Birthday Party!! Joining the show tonight is Mr. Tom Bowie, a wide array of topics are discussed. Along with multiple 'audio' birthday cards from John Friend, Black Bird 9, Whooli and more!


May 25th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Keith Preston

On tonight's edition of Radio Wehrwolf we invite Keith Preston from Attack the System to talk about his new book, The Tyranny of the Politically Correct: Totalitarianism in the Postmodern Age. We discuss the origins of PC, the totalitarianism of the SJWs, the states use of force to keep people in line, the backlash against PC, and more.


May 20th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: The Inquisition

Dion explores the history and rationalizations for the Inquisition.


May 18th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Cucktianity

Tonight Dion goes on a tear, on the reign of terror brought about by Christianity on the people of Europe.


May 16th, 2016    

The Wolf Pack 5/14/16

Tonight on the Wolf Pack he hear from GoyHammer, detailing the history of the Forest Brothers. Dion talks about Poland's refusal to take in the Arab invaders. Dion then goes into detail on George Lincoln Rockwell's pamphlet about dealing with the police and the court system.


May 13th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Julius Evola Part2

Tonight on Radio Wehrwolf Dion delves deeper into the philosophy and esoteric teachings of Julius Evola. We look into Evola's concept of race and origins of the Olympian race. Then Dion covers an essay by Evola entitled  Fascism against Christianity: The Great Liberation.


May 8th, 2016    

The Wolf Pack 5/7/16

On the Wolf Pack Dion breaks down the new schedule for the website. He then goes into several news stories, PMSNBC cries about White "Supremacists" back Trump, Latinos don't trust Hillary, and the types of White Anti-Whites. Plus a new feature to the Wolf Pack, Goyhammer sends his thoughts on the cause as a whole and the Northwest Imperative.


May 6th, 2016    

My Fight: Patrick and Tom Unleashed

 Tonight Patrick and his new co-host Mr. Tom Bowie discuss a variety of various topics. Including Ted Cruz dropping out, effective propaganda, the recent Faith and Freedom conference, the Grand White Race, Trump reading The Snake, Putin and more.


May 5th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Julius Evola

Tonight Dion explores the life and works of Italian philosopher and esoteric scholar Julius Evola.


May 4th, 2016    

The Axeman’s Edge - Cannibilism

First on the Edge of Darkness Axe goes into the body count rising in Chicago, and white on black murders. He then discusses the main topic for tonight cannibalism. Axe breaks down the top 5 reasons people turn to cannibalism. Rebel Wolf calls in and they talk about survivalism, prepping, the election, and more.
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