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November 27th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: We Must Hate!

Tonight Dion talks about the death of Fidel Castro, then a Forest Brother Audio Insurgency from the Goyhammer, Trump: A Win for Fascism! by Marshall Ironsides, the need for hate and more.


November 24th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Ward Kendall

Tonight we are joined by Ward Kendall author of Beyond this Horizon- A White Nationalist Blueprint for Tomorrow. He discusses the problems with the "leadership" of White Nationalism, the splintered groups, the lack of focus, the need to come up with brand new strategies, and more.



November 20th, 2016    

Forest Brothers Audio Insurgency 11/19/16

On the debut episode of the Forest Brothers Audio Insurgency Goyhammer unleashes the sounds of one of the greatest Pro-White bands of all time Bound for Glory. Then Dion takes over the reins with jew-stream clips of the evils of Hate Rock, and the Bully Boys!


November 19th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Year One

On this edition of Radio Wehrwolf, the one year anniversary of Radio Wehrwolf. Dion talks about the censorship of right wing alternative media on the internet, the latest criminal activities of George Soros, listener questions, and more.


November 11th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Random Rants

On this edition Dion goes completely off script and speaks about various topics that have been on his mind lately. The election of Trump, the elements of the Pro-White struggle that need to be purged, legalizing marijuana, the white man's burden, and more.


November 5th, 2016    


Ritual of the 21st century Asatru


November 4th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Our Glorious Leader

On this episode Dion talks about the good Trump has done for the Pro-White cause. Trolling the media, $hillary's new scandals, Commies VS the Klan in 1979, lawsuit against the US government for funding Is-a-Hell, plus more