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October 28th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Esoteric Hitlerism

On the Halloween edition Dion talks about Miguel Serrano's concept of Esoteric Hitlerism. 


October 26th, 2016    

Race and Nation: Never Forget, Never Forgive

First Landser and Goy go into the life of British socialite Unity Valkyrie Mitford, who was a devotee of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. They then go into the rape and murder of Mary Phagen, and the cover up by Leo Frank. Also the life of Kathy Ainsworth, WAU, and more.


October 23rd, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Stop the Fed

On this edition Dion talks about the recent Trump plan of what he wishes to accomplish in his first 100 day as president.We hear from Goyhammer reading an excerpt from A Mighty Thunder by Harold Covington. Then Dion goes over the concept of Feds within our struggle, a police instructional video on sovereign citizens and a student walkout over the Out of Africa theory.


October 21st, 2016    

Radio Wehwolf: Project Veritas

Tonight Dion discusses the "Anti-Semitic" Trump speech, the Project Veritas videos, Soros and the Clinton campaign, and BLM being pushed in Seattle schools.


October 19th, 2016    

Race and Nation: Oktoberfest

This episode begins with a speech by Bob Mathews, they then go into his background. Also they discuss organzational movements, ancestry DNA tests, the history of Oktoberfest, and more.


October 14th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Birth of a Nation

On this episode Dion talks about the new Anti-White propaganda film Birth of a Nation, Trump's recent comments about women, the murder of Justice Scalia, the Fed to change racial classifications, and more.


October 12th, 2016    

Race and Nation: Northwest Homeland

On this edition of Race and Nation, Goyhammer talks about his recent scouting trip to the Northwest Homeland. Listen to his audio diary as he made his trip. Also discussed is the problems with WisCuckastan, plus more. A really great show for those thinking of checking out the northwest.


October 7th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Open Borders

On tonight's episode Dion first talks about the jewish concept of "Whiteness", then he goes into the jewish origins of open borders of Europe and the US.


October 5th, 2016    

Race and Nation: White Power!

On the edition of Race & Nation Landser and Goyhammer talk about the life and work of George Lincoln Rockwell. They also discuss Mein Kampf, Matt Hale, George Soros, the invasion of Europe, and more.