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April 29th, 2016    

White American Radio - Kehne Moeller

Kehne Moeller and Patrick Fox discuss might is right, Nietzsche, NS esoteric spiritualism, immigration, white identity in our youth and much more.


April 28th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf - Eric Hunt

For the first half of the program Dion delves into the history and absurdness of the 6 million number, then he is joined by documentary filmmaker Eric Hunt to discuss his new movie, Questioning the Holocaust - Why We Believe.


April 24th, 2016    

The Wolf Pack 4/23/16

Tonight on the Wolf Pack Dion attacks the Democracy Spring aftermath and the  White Privilege conference. Tom calls in and we discuss the AFP, Bob Whitaker, The Faith and Family conference next weekend, life around Arkansas and more.


April 22nd, 2016    

White American Radio - Rachel Pendergraft

Patrick Derek Fox speaks with Rachel Pendergraft of the Knights Party. They discuss a women's role in the Pro-White cause, Christian Identity, the up coming conference April 29 to May 1 in Harrison AR, and more.


April 21st, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf - Happy Birthday Adolf!

During the first half of the program Patrick Derek Fox discusses his plan to take back the United States. In the second half Dion flies solo to go over the National Socialist's 25 Point Plan, National Socialism VS Fascism, Is NS left or right, and more...  


April 20th, 2016    

White American Radio - Brian Culpepper

Brian Culpepper from NSM joins Patrick to discuss a wide array of topics facing our people. Join the NSM April 23 in Rome GA


April 17th, 2016    

The Wolf Pack 4/16/16

On the Wolf Pack Dion breakdowns more Democracy Spring news, George Soros funding, Whiteness History Month, and Rachel Dolezal's book idea.


April 14th, 2016    

Radio Wehrwolf: Revolution

Tonight Dion does a reading of Mr. Kai Murros' 2001 book Revolution and How to Do it in a Modern Society.


April 13th, 2016    

The Axeman’s Edge - Chicago Black Violence

Tonight on the Axeman's Edge Popeye's runs out of chicken, shootings in Chicago, most violent neighborhoods, Crime and cops, the fatherless problem, midnight basketball, and Axe tells a personal story concerning black on white crime.


April 11th, 2016    

The Wolf Pack - 4/9/16

During the first hour Dion talks about the jews VS Nazis beer pong game, the FBI warns of a cyber attack on the US electrical grid, and the money behind Democracy Spring. For the rest of the show Tom Bowie calls in and gives us an up date on his travels, his new home, Trump, backlash against the media, Diamond and Silk, standing up for our people, and more...


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